PayPal is a one of the more well known ways to accept and make payments for your online business.  The process of setting up an account is fairly simple and you’ll see all the steps required below.

Step 1
Type the URL ( into your browser.

Step 2
Click the Sign Up link!

Step 3
Follow the prompts and answer a series of questions about you and your business, including demographical information, annual sales, bank account information, etc.

Step 4
Once your account has been set up PayPal will make 2 small deposits into your bank account on file.  Once you receive those deposits you will need to return to the PayPal website, sign into your account and confirm the amounts of the deposits.

Step 5
You may also be required to confirm other things, such as credit card information, email addresses etc.

Step 6
Once you have confirmed everything necessary you can now begin to use your PayPal account to not only pay for items online where PayPal is accepted as a method of payment, but you will also be able to receive payments.

Take the time to really browse your account and learn all you can about how to use it to your advantage!  It will be well worth the time invested and will definitely make the financial side of your online business easier for you.