The solution to finding just the right web hosting company.
You have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs.None of this needs to be complicated. While there are an uncountable number of web hosting companies, not all have the solution for you.

Your web site is unique. It may be very simple or very complicated depending on its purpose. Once you have that design, you must find the right hosting solution that will best deliver your web site.

What determines a web hosting solution?
Your uniquely designed web site will determine the web hosting solution best for you.

If your site is a simple small business or personal web site, then the solution is likely to be a simple one. For personal web sites it is possible that free web hosting services can offer the solution that works for you.

If your site is a small business site, free web hosting services are not recommended because in truth they are not free. They require you to submit your visitor to pop up or banner advertising which can distract your potential customers.

But less expensive web hosting companies can offer a solution for your simple small business web site.

As the technology of your web site grows, the web hosting solution becomes more complicated.
If your web site is a commercial site, even a small business site, the demands you include in your web design will complicate the solution that your web hosting service must provide.

A basic web site will deliver text and graphics, offer simple forms which generate a text file or email message to you and a simple ‘thanks we got your message’ answer to your client. It will also offer contact information (a link to click and send email).

Once a site begins offering more than those simple activities, it requires a more complicated web hosting solution. If your site houses a catalog and offers search capabilities, the hosting server must handle more complicate programming. If your site asks clients to provide personal information, especially information of a banking nature, your site must have a secure server.

If your web site houses a database for storing client or product information, your hosting server must not only have the capacity, but also be able to handle the necessary programming. If your site offers a shopping cart, again, more capacity and more programming.

It is easy for you to see that step by step the elements you add to your web site complicate the web hosting service necessary to make that site function correctly.

When developing your web site, especially if it is a new small business venture, you should consider the complications and therefore, additional hosting cost. If your site design requires a hosting solution that goes beyond your budget, you will need to look for less complicated solutions.