Now that you have a web site, you need traffic — you need visitors to come to your pages and build your hit count. Some simple, free ways to do this are through reciprocal links, through free advertising, and by creating newsletters.

Web Traffic from Other Sites

The easiest way to build web traffic to your website is by using “reciprocal links,” or making a deal with another webmaster to link to one another. Obviously, a person with a site just like yours isn’t likely to want to do this, so you need to get creative: look for people who you can help while they’re helping you. If you sell wedding dresses, look for people who sell wedding accessories or flowers, or who plan weddings for brides-to-be, and ask them for a reciprocal link.

Using Search Engines to Drive Web Traffic

Most people think of banner ads and pop-ups when they think of advertising on the internet. However, the best advertisement on the internet is good placement in a search engine; this will drive web traffic to your site. There are a number of engines, such as Yahoo, that require you to register in order for the search engine to place you in a category.

And all search engines look for key words — words that define what your web page is about — in order to know where to put your page when a browser searches for a topic. Use your key words early and often, but don’t abuse it by repeating a key word over and over. And make certain your key word is used in the metatags for your web page.

Using Newsletters to Drive Web Traffic

One of the more recent and successful methods developed to drive web traffic to your site is a free newsletter. Who can turn down something that’s free? And a newsletter that your users actually sign up for is a way of ensuring that your advertisement is reaching people who might actually be interested in your product or service.