Is Affordable Web Hosting going to be a bargain or a nightmare?

As any entrepreneur knows, it is wise to shop for services so if you are building an ecommerce web site, you are going to be shopping for affordable web hosting.

But, what is going to determine web hosting that is truly affordable? It cannot be only cost.

When building a brick and mortar store, you might find a shack in a field that is really cheap to buy, but would you consider that affordable housing for your store? Not likely should be your answer.

The same is equally true for your ecommerce store. While it is virtual, not physical, it’s housing can no more be a shack in a field than your physical store.

Are there affordable web hosting companies that are not shacks?

The good news is yes, you can find affordable web hosting that will provide your ecommerce store with a quality location.

You first must learn what equals ‘quality location’ on the Internet.

It is not the physical location of the server. It doesn’t matter whether your web hosting server is located in New York, New Haven, or New Humpty. Remember the Internet is a virtual world, not a physical one.

The quality location of your Internet store will be provided when your web hosting service has good equipment, connected at high speed to the Internet, and maintained in a professional manner.

The quality of your Internet store will be not in it’s address, but in its performance and dependability. If your store is always open, delivers information quickly and accurately, and allows your clients/customers to purchase goods or service with the lease amount of hassle possible, your store has a good location.

While the design and development of your store is your responsibility, the rest is the responsibility of your web host.

So what is affordable web hosting?

Your search for a web hosting partner that is affordable should include investigating their equipment, their connection, and their integrity.

Any quality web host will happily share information with you about what type of servers they are using. They will also answer your questions about how they are connected to the Internet.

A good web hosting service should have 24/7 maintenance staff. This guarantees that your store will always be open.

They should also be willing to offer you a contact list of their clients so that you may seek references. Be sure to take the time to do that.

Once you have investigated the abilities of web hosts who are advertising themselves as ‘affordable’, you should have a short list of possible companies that you will consider as web host for your ecommerce site.

Finally price will become an issue. By comparing each of the hosts you are considering, you will see those who offer the most for the money. Some who may be far less expensive than others might actually offer you all the quality service you desire. They will be your affordable web hosting service.