It’s easy to be lured into thinking that college is a carefree experience; that is until your computer is hacked, hit with a virus or malware. Now that computers play an integral part in most every college student’s academic career, make sure to get the school year off to a good start by practicing computer and online safety skills. (more…)

 The solution to finding just the right web hosting company.
You have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs.None of this needs to be complicated. While there are an uncountable number of web hosting companies, not all have the solution for you.


 Do You Need Web Hosting For Your Small Business?

If you are currently working at the normal 9 to 5 job but are trying to build your own business to create financial independence for yourself, then web hosting is something you need to know about. Having your own web site for your home business is probably the most cost-efficient way to expand your business into something that will truly become a source of income and independence for you and your family. But how do you solve the problem of web hosting? (more…)

Choosing the right keywords for your website is important for a few reasons, but the main one is traffic.  Without the right keywords, people may never find your site even if it has the exact information they are looking for.  Keywords play a part in the way your site is ranked on search engines so you’ll want to make sure you are using the right keywords to get those rankings up and bring those visitors in. (more…)

PayPal is a one of the more well known ways to accept and make payments for your online business.  The process of setting up an account is fairly simple and you’ll see all the steps required below. (more…)

Best of the Web Promotional Code

Use the following promo code to 40% discount the review fee for Best of the Web ( BOTW ) directory submissions (more…)

Do you enjoy creating websites, or have you always wanted to learn how?   Are you creative and do you have an eye for design?  If so, you may want to consider a career in web design.

A web designer may do several different types of work, including consulting with clients to determine what type of website will fit their needs, designing the website, customizing blogs, and even designing graphics. (more…)

It’s true that there is a lot of competition for just about anything “internet-related” these days, but if you have a built-in market of people interested in starting an online business, you may do very well as a web hosting provider.

Many web host companies allow you to become a reseller, enabling you to start your own web hosting business under your own name, without having to deal with the equipment, space, or technical issues. (more…)

Web Design Template Clones

There are thousands of Web design template sites on the Net. Finding the right templates can make page construction easy as cake. All you need to do is some minor customization and then you can splash your content online. However, apart from this use, where the template is being used like a clever kind of stationary, Web design templates offer mostly disadvantages.

Writers of ad copy claim that what sells is not a fancy site with impressive graphics, but rather, written ad copy.

One of the many disadvantages of Web design templates is that they almost all suffer from overusing graphics. The graphics are often large file sizes that suck up bandwidth and increase loading time. Worse yet, pretty butterflies, skyscrapers, or forests on the periphery of
your site, detract from the focus of your content. Graphics should be more than pretty objects adorning your site’s space. (more…)

Cheap Web Hosting Overdrive!

My friend Mike was the king of Cheap Web hosting. About 5 years ago, during the boom years of the Internet, my best friend’s brother, Mike, opened a Web design and Web hosting company. We thought he was crazy, because Mike’s forte was sales, not Web design. Frankly, we thought
he was just following us into the realm of the tech industry because Mike was very competitive about everything.

In Mike’s first year he turned over more money than the three of us had made in our lifetime. He had so much business, he couldn’t find contractors to fulfill his deals. We stopped laughing and contracted to him. This allowed Mike to focus on selling cheap Web hosting
services. That was his downfall. (more…)

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